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Total Happiness – First Put the First Point First


Yes, smile. Please observe that it is natural for a baby to spontaneously smile an original one for no apparent reason. As the baby grows to be a child, he or she has accumulated more gestures. For this child the selection of a gesture is from many choices of the commonly known wholesale 3d mink lashes.

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However, on a continuum of a life span, the child who is now already a young adult, he or she may remember this natural and original gesture, only occasionally or it is being reserved for several special occasions calling for a smile.

Perhaps we may remember this, “Smile, you are on Candid Camera.” There are individuals smiling when they hear a call such as this. The smiles also appear when these individuals are watching other television programs that convey a splendid feel good wholesale 3d mink lashes.

Even emails and short messaging systems provide a choice of many selection of what is commonly known as “Smiley”. While words are written, the meaning that these words convey can be perceived with different interpretations and thus giving shades of confusion beyond comprehension. Smiley is used to amplify the right emotion, and thus potentially add the exactness to the meaning conveyed.

Next, at most photography sessions, a photographer instructs, for instance, “everybody, smile please”. Pause. Not that easy to have everybody to do it abruptly together considering the current mood each of them is experiencing at the given moment. Then, the photographer says, “OK, everybody say cheese”. Click! That does it. Yes, it is done but by a way of faking a smile. The outcome is obvious. The people captured on still, seems as though they are smiling, yet fool and be fooled, what has been captured is none more than a group of people saying “cheese.” It has been said that there are ways to put a smile on people’s faces, yet the simplicity used by this particular photographer did not in anyway allow the true meaning of a smile.

In our life do we smile or we are faking it by silently saying “cheese” all along. Else, how many times have you heard someone says to you, or asks you to do it, or advice you to act it out in order for you to be happy or totally happy?

Pertinent at this point is to ask, “Do you smile first in order then to attain total happiness?” or “Do you attain total happiness first, in order then to smile?”

Be wise to first put the first point first.

If you answer, with the former, please observe can that smile directly lead you to be totally happy and being in total wholesale 3d mink lashes? Are you able to maintain and sustain that smile long enough to reach total happiness? Do you smile one that is actual, authentic, genuine, real, sincere, and true?

If you belief such is so, and you are able to smile first and then attain, maintain, and sustain total happiness, that is great. Congratulations! Yet, that is trickery at its best. We have witnessed speakers giving such an advice to an audience who are then exhilarated with the outcome. But that is not real magic. Such an act is far from understanding the awesome power of our mind.

At most, a smile is usually associated with the act of whitening the teeth, yet none speak so eloquently on the purity of the heart to naturally and spontaneously smiling. We know for a fact that a smile first before being in total happiness is beyond the reach of those holding such a belief. The smile cannot be produced so much so it is full of radiance, and filled with a wholesome delight.

The probability of its attainment is always nil, always.


It is because, the fact remains that total happiness is not dependent on smiling or any other similar gestures. Total happiness is independent of smiling first.

This is the bewilderment that baffles individuals all over the world, within many sectors of living particularly at the customer service counter. This particular counter is a spot that also puzzles individuals who manage public organization, private enterprise or professional companies offering services to their customers.

Usually, as the door opens for business, an executive shall shout out to the staff, “Here they come, smile everyone…” Possibly most are saying “cheese” rather than a gesture of a genuine smile. A smile makes all the difference. But the difference is whether the smile is displayed by saying “cheese”, or projected from the heart shared with utmost sincerity.

In the customer service department, it can be a rule number one, “to smile”. More than this, the rule can be extended, “to smile at every working moments.” Again, “smile at everyone.”

What if some of the staff are grinning instead of really smiling? Possibly most do not know the eyes signal first informing of a smile that is coming. Smiling, lips only with the eyes so dull, does not constitute a bright smile. But very close to faking. Perhaps it is much easier, for a clown to display a wide and nice smile to hide what real emotion the individual is actually experiencing.

So, can an individual be forced to smile? Who are the these people who are coaching others to act as if, makes believe it, pretend to be it, fake it till you make it, or similar, in relations to smile and smiling, yet at the same instance coaching this individuals to be your self and be true to yourself. Such is an ultra inconsistency and supra contradictory to the basics and basis of coaching.

Yes, a smile or what seems like a smile has been or is being displayed, but customers come into the business premise with various emotions. A smile is said to be affective or contagious. But a smile that is extending politeness can possibly get a return with a smile of an equal or better wholesale 3d mink lashes. This is possible.

However this is not always so, because the same or similar smile extending courtesy can be quipped or lashed back with anger, fury, rage, resentment, frustration, disappointment, dissatisfaction, discontent, displeasure, and perhaps worst than these.

A totally happy individual in total happiness is already and always smiling. It is a wonderful emotion inside of total happiness, projecting out, and reflecting to further spreading of an actual, authentic, genuine, real, and true smile. Is there a need for anyone to say, even ask, or to advice this individual to smile?

Thus in other sectors of living, especially the service industry, companies shall be wise in employing individuals who is totally happy as a criteria. Yes, individuals who is naturally a pleasing personality, rather than others who are also having the qualifications but at a lost of control by the variations in their moods.

Unfortunately, the ability of an individual to control rather than being control by his or her moods has no direct correlations what so ever with even earning an “A” in a subject such as an Introduction to Customer Service. There are such wholesale 3d mink lashes who have undergone schooling and through with possessing a higher certification, yet they are not able to even simply smile naturally.

Be wise to consider shall it be beneficial to spend or invest on orientation, training, re-training, counseling, coaching, mentoring, and what is commonly practiced, for these individuals who are qualified but cannot even smile properly. The allocations can be well spend on the performers who are totally happy and ever ready to contribute more. Else, be ready to wholesale 3d mink lashes the presence of these individuals who are contributory to the business premise as a place, a prison of pain, and not a space sure a palace of pleasure.

wholesale 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes

Potentially, now is the moment, for all of us, in the customer service industry, or other sectors of living, to first put the first point first. Let us attain total happiness first, and then allow the natural and original smile glowing radiance of a wholesale 3d mink lashes delight, in sharing meaningfulness in the meaning of that smile.


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