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Humility Is A Profound Teacher

Character is a broadly used word that describes many things about people. More often than not, we see how people act and hear their words spoken only to find the actions do not match the words; this is usually described as a hypocrite. Unfortunately, this also describes us as individuals at times in our lives. The difference is that we don’t go out of our way to admit this to ourselves, or anyone else for that matter. Why not? Is it that difficult to be more careful with the words we choose and what we choose to do in life? The simple answer is yes, it is truly that hard for the human to look at their actions and admit siberian mink fur eyelashes.Cmnro

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Instead, we choose to go on believing that no one else really caught on and will not say anything; this would cause a conflict among friends. This describes exactly what happens all of the time. We have witnessed it being done and ignored it when we do it. I say we because I am just as guilty as the next person. However, I have made a conscious choice to change, and did so many years ago.

You see, I was very specific in what I expected of myself and tried hard to hold others to the same siberian mink fur eyelashes. This was not right and it caused enormous problems for me and those I love dearly. What seemed so strange was that I honestly did not see myself as being the problem. I could not visualize me saying or doing anything that was in contradiction or that I was being the least bit hypocritical. It did not take much for me to realize that the problem was me after taking a serious look at my words and actions. People told me at times that this is what they perceived as happening, but my ears were conveniently hearing something else.

So, the change was quite simple in thought; doing what was necessary to change was a totally different matter altogether. At first, it was painful, not physically of course, but the mental anguish that accompanied self-reflection and learning humility at a whole new level brought about serious inner turmoil. Frequently thinking about what I had been doing for years, it took everything I had to make a concerted effort to think before I said or did anything; knowing full well that it would come back to haunt me if the words did not match the siberian mink fur eyelashes.

It has been well over a decade when all of this began. I took it in stages, first paying attention to how my language came across. Were my words coherent and correct English? Did I communicate my thoughts clearly and concisely? Along the way, there were plenty of mistakes, but improvement was occurring. Finally, just this past year, 2011, I discovered the latest part of my chapter in dealing with character and its siberian mink fur eyelashesif taken for granted and not adhered to.

People will always make mistakes, that is a no-brainer. The difference is in what any one individual does to correct those mistakes. Recognizing that you have said or done something wrong or in contradiction is the first step in making self-improvements that are attainable and sustainable. I have chosen a path that is strengthening my character, integrity, how I treat others, and most especially, what I say and what I do. The results are amazingly better and it has helped me to grow closer to my wife and five daughters. Was I a horrible person before? No, I did not beat people up or anything like that, it was all about how I let my emotions guide my thoughts and subsequent siberian mink fur eyelashes.

I can honestly say that mistakes still occur, but they are not intentional, and I definitely correct them as soon as the mistake is recognized or brought to my attention. Humility is a big part of making the necessary changes in life. If you are in a position where problems are plaguing your life due to mistakes or being a hypocrite, ponder the following.

1. What did I do or say that created the issues and challenges?

2. Did I say one thing and do something different intentionally?

3. Do I have a tendency to blame others to take the pressure off of me or to shift the attention elsewhere?

These first three questions can truly open your eyes to what may be a life-long problem that has needed to be addressed. Don’t hesitate to realize your weaknesses in character. Be open to understanding what it will take to make the changes to improve your life as you discover the problems that culminated into a serious issue for yourself or others. Listen to those who are willing to be honest with you – painfully honest in some cases, and be prepared to have to deal with some tough emotions and feelings. Whatever you do, don’t lash out at anyone, especially yourself.

Remember that this is your choice entirely. You have the power to overcome the feelings of inadequacy or shame when this realization occurs. It may not be the easiest thing in the world to achieve, but building a stronger character through introspect or self-reflective thinking will only make you a better person. I hope you find the opportunity to grow personally and see the importance of becoming stronger in character through more honest and dependable words and siberian mink fur eyelashes.

By James R Eberts

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siberian mink fur eyelashes

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