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Rising Above The Embers

With the fire burning in the stove, I found myself mesmerized with the flames. The more they danced, the hotter they became, fueling the warmth while licking the walls of it’s most popular false eyelash searching for a way out.Cmnro

most popular false eyelash
most popular false eyelash

We are no different. The fires within our hearts and most popular false eyelash burn, yearning to keep us warm with the magic of desire, generating the heat to manifest more and more; yet, our perceived limitations for what we can and cannot do, keep our fire from spreading out into the world… or does it?

One of the most feared experiences around is being in a fire; however, for as frightened by it as we appear to be, we are just as taken with what the power it holds. In fact, the more fear we feel, the more rapture we possess. The trick is to take the most popular false eyelash rendered by fear and turn it into our greatest love!

Interestingly enough, many of us like to believe we contain and control the fire in front of us; all while it jumps, dances, caresses, spits, reaches and somehow manages to escape the confines attempting to hold it hostage with little to no damage; although at other times it explodes with such fury, the fire fuels it’s very own storm, wreaking havoc on anything getting in it’s way.

The light within us is no different. It entices, seduces, tantalizes and inspires our heart and soul to follow and create with love; and THEN, we begin listening to the voices of doubt, ‘reason’, experience and observation turning the bliss we feel into pain, resistance and fear. Unfortunately, this is how I see a majority of people on the planet operating. However, our fire does not really fade, it simply flares; most popular false eyelash and burning anyone and everyone in it’s path trying to alleviate all discomfort felt.

When we accept our passion and simply allow it to dance; to clean up the ‘things’ that no longer serve and inspire our manifestations, the world is blessed with new beauty and grace. In other words, the gift of you is what’s revealed and fostered! Controlled burns in our National Forests do very much of the same thing AND the result is we are gifted with new growth and habitats.

On the contrary, allowing the fear to consume us creates a fire storm which devastates all forms of possibility and depending on the damage done, recovery is a lengthy process and many people are ‘killed’ off and destroyed in its wake. Is it possible to recreate and start anew? Of course, the question really becomes: ‘Are you ready to expand your awareness and try a different most popular false eyelash, regardless?’

most popular false eyelash
most popular false eyelash

I find it particularly interesting that this time of year is about reaping the bounty of the last twelve months, CELEBRATING love and planning our coming days all while sitting around ‘the fire’. For those who do not have access to a fire, there are beautiful lights symbolizing this tradition. Therefore I ask, can you feel the call, the desire to create, the inspiration to make something happen? Can you see the twinkle, spark or glint in the eye of another? This is the passion of which I speak and whether it’s your own or something you see in another, embrace it; dance with it and allow it to alter your life in magical most popular false eyelash! This is our time to rise above the embers of hope and be the fire dancers the world is waiting to see erupt!


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