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3 Top Tips To Achieve A Natural Eyelash Look Using Artificial Eyelashes

Using artificial eyelashes to create a longer 100% 3d mink eyelashes look has become increasingly popular not only amongst celebrities but also among many men and women looking to create a sexier, seductive look. Unfortunately not knowing how to get your artificial lashes to blend in perfectly with your own lashes can require hours of adjustments and frustration but there’s no need to worry as here we provide you with 3 Top Tips to achieve a Natural Eyelash Look Using Artificial Eyelashes.Cmnro

100% 3d mink eyelashes
100% 3d mink eyelashes

Glue Application –
One of the best ways to achieve a natural lash look using false lashes is by perfecting your technique of applying eyelash glue. When applying the glue to your artificial lashes, make sure you use a thin applicator and lightly coat the eyelash strip from end to end. You don’t want to apply too much glue where it doesn’t dry clear showing that you have badly applied your artificial eyelashes, ruining your natural eyelash look.

Mascara –
Using mascara to blend your natural and artificial lashes together can help you create a perfect 100% 3d mink eyelashes look. After you apply your artificial eyelashes, use a mascara with a thin consistency and which is close to your own natural eyelash colour and proceed to blend your false and natural lashes together. Using a mascara which is thick in consistency will create the opposite effect to what you desire, making your lashes look clumpy and fake.

100% 3d mink eyelashes
100% 3d mink eyelashes

Length of Artificial lashes –
Making sure the length of your 100% 3d mink eyelashes is of a similar to the length to your own can drastically help you achieve your natural lash look. Having long artificial lashes can make the blending process increasingly difficult, with your 100% 3d mink eyelashes looking out of proportion with your own lashes, with little chance of successful blending. If you feel your false lashes are too long, don’t go and buy another shorter pair, cut them with some professional hair cutting scissors, apply and blend.


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